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About Hibiki Audit Corporation

Hibiki Audit Corporation is one of the PKF International member firms and offers Financial and business advices. PKF International (PKF) is the 10th largest global accountancy network and was formed in 1969 by four firms in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Today PKF is represented in virtually every major city in the world, more than 125 countries, 440 locations and 245 members.

Hibiki Audit Corporation is one of the traditional auditing firms with a history of over 30 years and makes it our mission to offer valuable services to grow with our clients.

About Us


We offer a wide range of services to a wide range of clients, these include,

  • Audit under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • Audit under the Companies Act
  • Overseas expansion support service
  • Business support for the growth of leading medium-sized company
  • Financial due diligence
  • Information technology audit

A numbered list of reasons

Why choose Hibiki Audit Corporation?

  1. End to end services that cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

  2. Efficient, rapid and relationship-focused advisory to your business.

  3. All the team members are high experienced CPAs.

  4. Access to an international network of experts for assurance and advisory services.

News & Events

● Feb 8, 2012 Website was released.